Natural Oils

Natural Oils

BST International is supplier of extra virgin cold pressed oils.Our natural oils are excellent quality, unrefined, pure oils produced from raw materials mainly of Turkish origin.


Natural Oils

Properties of BST cold pressed oils

  1. A strict quality control is applied for the materials before production.
  2. All of cold pressed oils are produced by pressing seeds once only.
  1. There are no additives in our oils.
    1. All of our oils are unrefined. We do a simple filtration only.
    2. The seeds are not preheated to get higher yield before pressing process.
    3. Maximum process temperature is not exceeded above 40 C.

    All of our oils are food grade, cold pressed, not exposed to heat, no chemicals applied, no additives added, not refined, completely natural and undiluted.

    Due to these nature of our first cold pressed oils you may use them to develop new and unique delicious tastes.

    Our extra virgin oils are offered in 50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml and 500 ml glass bottles to the market. We can also supply in plastic  jerrycans for bulk inquiries.

    Major usages of cold pressed oils are for culinary, health food and cosmetic purposes.

    We believe in that our product range will be very suitable for your product range.


Organic oils

  • Organic sour cherry oil
  • Organic black seed oil
  • Organic pomegranate seed oil

Lavender oil

We supply high quality, pure lavender oil produced in Isparta city of Turkiye.

Grape seed oil

BST grape seed oil is produced from black grape seeds grown in Anatolia.

Soap Bars

Bst International has launched soap bars with natural cold pressed (extra virgin) oils.

BST International has specialized in international marketing of natural cold pressed oils and defatted nut flours, hydrosols, lavender oil and soap bars. We have a wide range of natural oils in our production schedule.

Kamiloba Mh. Celaliye Kamiloba Cad. No: 31B. 34584 Büyükçekmece. Istanbul -TURKIYE.